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Beauty empowers. It helps women courageously face the world and leave a lasting impression. Studies show that women wearing makeup seem more attractive and more trustworthy, but most importantly competent. At Dazzit we want every woman to access that magic. That's why our patented Social Discovery platform harnesses the power of Augmented Reality to empower every link in the beauty ecosystem: Beauty Lovers, Content Creators, and Brands.

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This is where the magic happens

Dazzit has everything beauty lovers need in one place. In an environment that is transparent, diverse, and hopefully, empowering.

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Tech Talk

Humanizing technology is our passion. We transform cutting-edge technologies into meaningful interactions.

Computer Vision

Our virtual mirror avails users of a full makeup experience. Recognizing 86 tracking points that create an accurate emulation of reality in real time.

Augmented Reality

Proprietary algorithms allow us to flawlessly imitate the qualities of the products being tested and blend them with the user's natural skin color seamlessly.


Using computer vision and machine learning Dazzit automatically recognizes product features (i.e. color, opacity, shimmer) from a ever expanding database of products.

Patented Technology

Our technology is based on deep research and proprietary algorithms. We have been granted a full US Patent for Dazzit’s AR editor.



Dazzit wants to be the catalyst that reignites the passion of beauty influencers and the beauty lover’s trust in vicarious online experiences. Thus, strengthening every aspect of the beauty ecosystem: Beauty Lovers, Influencers, as well as Brands.


  • Feature Search for bloggers that look like you, with similar peculiarities and struggles to find what works for you.
  • Community and trust are brought back to the beauty community. Share your opinion and looks, find Gurus and make friends.
  • Empowering Shoppers Compare prices, find dupes and try products online! No more sponsor content or ads.



  • Reach out and expand your tribe by being part of a community built around beauty and inclusivity.
  • Monetization matters. Add a monetization channel for content you already created without risking the trust of your viewers.
  • Create a Buzz around your content with the help of AR. Users will promote you by sharing your looks on themselves.



  • Virtual Try On that accurately portrays all your brand's makeup products with all their intrinsic features and on all skin types.
  • Free Visibility in a platform built for beauty lovers. We want all makeup brands to be represented regardless of their size.
  • User Feedback is crucial. In Dazzit you get to hear what user's have to say and interact with them in a safe environment.


Your questions, Answered

The trickery in"product pushing" is hindered when at your fingertips is a database with millions of products to compare from, a wide range of retailers to explore, reviews to inquire and a state of the art virtual try-on. Moreover, we do not partner with brands nor do we have ad revenue of any kind; to further ensure every aspect of our operation is indeed transparent, all vloggers are required to state if their videos are sponsored or not.
Yes and yes! Skin tones vary as much as fingerprints. This is a challenge our team has overcome by developing advanced image-processing algorithms that accurately imitate the qualities of products being tested. During lipstick try-on, for example, the application blends the lipstick color with the user's natural lip color perfectly, regardless of skin color. Our algorithm automatically generates a precise account of variables like transparency levels, shimmer, glossiness, etc. in every case.
We would love to feature your brand. Please drop us a line, and we will tell you more about the process.

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Your input is crucial to us, we want to hear from you. Did we miss a brand you love? Tell us. Want to see your local retailer? Let us know. Do you want a new feature? Or found a bug? We need to know!

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If you are a beauty lover and want to join the Dazzit tribe, drop us a line! We will notify you upon launch or, if lucky, you may be chosen to join our beta for a sneak peek! Influencers, we need you! Drop us a line to be the gurus of this tribe. The sooner the better, we wouldn't want you to miss the launch!


Thank you for your interest in Dazzit! For more info about us or for press inquiries, please send us a note.


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